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A Child’s Character

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Ardent Preschool and Daycare (formerly Covenant Classical School & Daycare) pursues excellence in all areas to make our childcare experience an investment that parents (and their children) can’t afford to miss. By continually setting standards and by always seeking to exceed expectations, we ardently strive to become the most trusted and premier name in childcare.

One of the things dear to our hearts at Ardent, aside from caring for and teaching all of the precious children entrusted to us during the day, is the time spent during the week on character training. Good character is not something that most children learn by themselves. Rather, character training is something that has to be instilled in order for it to leave a lifelong impression.

Consider this quote from Frederick Douglass, “It is easier to raise strong children than to repair broken men” and at Ardent we want to come alongside our families to do just that…raise strong children.

What we get really excited about is that character training doesn’t have to end with the school day! As parents, you get the awesome opportunity to carry on the conversation at home! This is what we like to call “purposeful conversations” and they are sure to make every moment count.

First of all, define your terms! We’ve taken each character trait and put it into easy to understand terms for the children.

Second, use those terms! God made our children to be like sponges – not only do they absorb but they retain!!! During those purposeful conversations, go back to those terms to remind and reinforce.

Third, consider the circumstance! What is currently happening that can be used for a purposeful conversation? Seize the moment!

Fourth, memorize Scripture! It can be a challenge as an adult to memorize, after all, it’s just not as fun as it is for children! Learn the Scripture verses together and you will reap the rewards as a family!

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