It’s More Than a Uniform

As an employee, you are the face of Ardent and your uniform not only makes you look good, but it also lets parents know that you are professional and take your job seriously. Our uniform consists of Ardent polos and black or khaki pants. However, the most important part of your uniform is a bright smile and welcoming attitude! Because our parents are looking for a loving, honest and approachable teacher to care for their little one, it’s important to dress in a way that reflects you care. 


Be Ready to Play

Your energy and dedication are essential in creating an environment in which the students thrive. Come to work ready to play and teach, to encourage and inspire, and to reveal the potential wonders each new day brings.

  • Our days are like our students-full of energy!
  • Structured classroom schedules. 
  • Schedules may vary according to classroom.
  • 10 paid holidays.
  • Checklists providing accountability.
  • Daily team tasks.

Class Full of Students

Ardent Preschool is not just a daycare, we are also focused on academics . Young children learn at a speedy clip so get ready for a fast-paced work environment. Our classrooms are designed to operate on a structured, age-appropriate schedule which blends curriculum with play to achieve developmental milestones and academic goals.

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