2019 Read Aloud Challenge

The Read-Aloud Challenge is for every family at Ardent Preschool & Daycare and its purpose is to encourage all families, regardless of the age of children, to get in the habit of taking time every day to read aloud at home. Reading aloud not only creates a wonderful time of family bonding and overall love for reading but it also assists in developing a child’s brain architecture! From a recently published Wall Street Journal article titled “The Secret Power of the Children’s Picture Book” we find the following important piece of information:

Small children’s brains have no difficulty registering bright fast-moving images, as experience teaches and MRI scanning confirms, but the giddy shock and awe of animation doesn’t give them time to exercise their deeper cognitive faculties.

When we take the time to read to our children, we have the opportunity to maximize and expound upon the experience! It is through reading aloud that we can help our children develop those deeper cognitive faculties by introducing the beauty of verbal expression, the love and development of language, as well as the power of curiosity and the many conversations that can develop as we take the time to ask and answer questions while reading a book. And let’s not forget about the opportunities that reading from a physical book present! Children learn patience as a book is read page by page and they also learn that there is order to reading. Snuggled on their parents’ laps, children get to help turn pages and point to pictures. It is an active experience, rather than a passive one. We hope that by participating in this Read-Aloud Challenge, your family will be blessed by the time spent together reading and that books become a treasured item in your home! Happy Reading!

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John and Tracy LaBreche

Birmingham Zoo Run – May 18th

Join us for the 2019 Birmingham Zoo Run -5K event! This event will include a 5K and kid races so there will be fun for everyone. Little ones can compete in the Turtle Trot (ages 0-2), Chicken-Cha-Cha (ages 3-4), Skunk Scurry (ages 5-6) and the Coati Canter (ages 7-12.) Ardent Preschool & Daycare will be there as a sponsor! Make sure you stop by our booth for some free swag. 

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