Finding the Right Infant Daycare for Your Growing Family

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If you are an expectant mom and plan to return to work after having your baby, choosing an infant daycare provider should be the first thing on your list.

Why? While seven or eight months may seem like plenty of time to find the perfect daycare for your little one, it isn’t.  No expectant mother should have to face uncertainty when it comes to whom will care for their infant when returning to work.

Unfortunately, this happens over and over again. Many expectant mothers prolong their search and end up disappointed when they find out their first pick is not an option due to a lack of availability.  This is not the situation you want to be in! What should you do?

  1. Get started right away! Once you’ve made the good news official, create a list of what you are looking for in an infant care program. What requirements or expectations do you have of your infant care provider? Are you looking for something close to home or close to work? Do you want an established daycare or are you looking for home care (a nanny in your home or a home daycare)? When will you be needing care?
  2. Ask your friends! Sure you can google local daycares, but wisdom is often found in a multitude of counselors and when it comes to your newborn, your friends and family are your most trusted advisers. What are their recommendations? Who do they trust to care for their children? What do they love about it? Have they experienced any difficulties or frustrations?
  3. Tour! Tour! Tour! You definitely need to see first-hand the places you are considering. Make appointments to tour your top 3 selections. Consider the valuable opportunity of meeting potential infant care providers in person and talking with them, as well as touring the actual facility (or home). This will you give a much better feel for what exactly is involved in their infant care program and whether it meets or exceeds your expectations.

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Many new moms are intimidated by the task of finding the best infant-care for their baby and simply aren’t sure of what questions to ask when searching. But you don’t need to be. Use this comprehensive checklist to assist you in finding out what matters most to both you and a prospective infant-care provider.

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Asking the right questions reveals the best care for your baby.

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