Parents and children are learning to adjust to a new rhythm of school and work. Many adults are working remote while children are beginning to learn remotely from home. This can be a challenge for even the most experienced educators and homeschooled families. Gratefully there are many online and digital resources and solutions.

Each Ardent Preschool child has access to the below resources during the Coronavirus Crisis. These resources include online lessons, live streamed CircleTime® classes and ABC Mouse.

Linked below are the log in credentials and account information you will need to access these resources. These are no cost to you and are now available.


The leading digital library for kids under 12. Here you can instantly access books, learning videos, quizzes and more. Each Ardent Preschool student has a unique profile that can be accessed by using your school’s log in credentials below. This can be used on laptops, Chromebooks, iOS, Android and Google Play devices.

Exchange Place


Jones Valley

Patchwork Farms

Trace Crossings


Online Resources

Linked below are multiple resources available to our Ardent Preschool students and families. Each with a description of the subjects, ages and application.

Classroom Secrets

Primarily for preschool and kindergarten students to work on Early Year Fundamental Skills (EYFS). Includes games to practice counting, addition, subtraction, and phonics. Use the linked PDF to create a parent account for your child.


A collection of interactive digital lessons and games that students can play at home. Students can click on any game and start playing! Primarily for our students in Kindergarten and includes interactive lessons for science, reading and math.

Circle Time

Complete with live streams and recorded classes! Circle Time is filled with art lessons, craft projects, yoga (mom and baby too!), music, story times and science classes. Your child can participate in live classes with yoga instructors or watch recorded classes complete with a list of items needed for art projects, science projects and more. Enter your email address at this link and begin interacting.

ABC Mouse | Adventure Academy | Reading IQ

These research-based educational programs include thousands of digital learning activities, and they can help preschool, pre-k, elementary, and middle school students keep learning while schools are closed. All three programs can be used on computers, tablets, and smartphones, and you can add up to three children per account! Use the PDF linked here to access the Ardent Preschool ABC Mouse account. From here you can use the school code to create your free account.

Khan Academy

Sal Khan and the Khan Academy team have released daily schedules to help provide families with ideas and structure during school closures. The document is organized by age group to cover preschool – high school. This link will provide you with a daily schedule you can use for your preschooler or kindergartner. You also can use the Academy Kids educational app with thousands of books and activities for young children ages 2-7.