There is exciting news for Ardent of Patchwork Farms!

We are pleased to announce that the position of Director is being filled by current Ardent Preschool & Daycare Director, Carter Knighten.

Mr. Knighten along with his wife, Katherine and three daughters, Eloise, Vivian and Sybil, have been an Ardent family since June of 2015.  The Knightens attend Redeemer Community Church and live in the Vestavia area.  As a family they enjoy visiting the Birmingham Zoo, their local swimming pool and doing many outdoor activities together.  Carter looks forward to having his daughter Sybil join him at the Patchwork Farms campus.

Carter holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and also a Bachelors of Arts in Chinese.  Yes, your new Director is fluent in Mandarin!  He served as an English Teacher at the Harbin Institute of Technology in Harbin, China from 2005-2007 and most recently served as Director of Ardent’s Valleydale campus since August 2017.

Carter looks forward to meeting you all and serving your families.