Let’s face it – we ALL tend to perform better with a little structure to our day. So how do we implement structure at home in the midst of quarantine chaos? We think we have just the thing for all of our Ardent Families! Printable Classroom Schedules!

These schedules can be posted on the fridge or carried around the house so that parents and kids can continue to do what they need to do during the day. Here are a few things we love about this and we think you will too:

  • No set times – this gives you flexibility throughout the day (take it from my own home school experience – flexibility can mean survival! Rigidity doesn’t do so well when tension is already high). Everyone slept in? Great! Breakfast is the first activity of the day and it sets in motion all other activities. You can go from one activity to the next as  needed.  Need a little bit more time for that conference call? That’s fine! Simply extend the time for the activity or maybe even swap activities around and then move on to the next when you or your child is ready.
  • Easy to use – even the kids can use these schedules to guide themselves through the day. You’ll be surprised at how much your children know and remember from schedules at school! You can laminate the sheets and have them check off activities with a dry erase marker. Older children can even help make sure the younger siblings are getting their activities done!
  • Goal Systems – no better time than now to work on setting goals and celebrating them! Want to instill a new habit or work on behavior issues? Implement a good, great, and awesome system so that children are challenged and rewarded when they hit their goals!
  • Multiple Children – Don’t want to mess with 2 or 3 schedules? No problem! This is the secret to the success of many home school moms! There’s no need to try to juggle so many different things! Let them do things together when possible. You can take the schedules of each child, cut out the pictures and reconfigure into a schedule that works for your family dynamics. When the baby is taking a morning nap – that might be a great time to spend some one on one time with an older sibling.
  • Consistency – Parenting successfully is all about consistency.  Sticking to a schedule that your child knows will help them adapt to being at home.  Remember, their little world has been turned upside down also! This will also help make the transition back to Ardent an easier one.

We hope these schedules make your days at home a little easier! Also, if you have a potty trainee, check out our Potty Progress Reward Chart at the bottom!

Tracy LaBreche

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Ardent Potty Training Reward Chart