As we close out our first year at Ardent Preschool, we want to reward those who are Setting Standards. Exceeding Expectations.® Our Ardent Teachers set the stage for a childcare experience that families want to be a part of!

With that being said, meet our 2019 Teacher of the Year recipients at each school. Each were nominated by their peers and we appreciate everything they do for our students, families and our schools!

Mrs. Ronna Grayson is our Toddlers Lead teacher. One of our favorite things about Mrs. Ronna is that her compassion for each student is evident every day. While she checks on the safety of the students during nap time, she prays for each child. This genuine care for our students shows why she was nominated by her peers for Teacher of the Year!

Exchange Place - Ronna Grayson

Toddlers Lead Teacher

Valleydale - Jennie Clements

Prekindergarten Lead Teacher

Mrs. Jennie has been employed since 2017. She has a great knowledge of how each child learns and from that can use many different teaching strategies to meet the individual needs of the students in her classroom. Her passion for teaching and love for the students allows her to develop great relationships with our families.
Ms. Amanda has been employed since 2019. Her creativity in the classroom goes above and beyond when caring for the students. She has the ability to bring lessons to life through her imaginative story telling and her active approach to teaching encourages each child to take steps toward academic excellence.

Jones Valley - Amanda Jones

Prekindergarten Lead Teacher

Jones Valley - Karen Dixon

Infant Lead Teacher

Mrs. Karen has been employed since 2018. Her willingness to provide a nurturing environment for each student creates a sense of belonging in the classroom. “But the seeds on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop.” Luke 8:15
Colitha Brown joined the Ardent Team in 2016 as an Assistant Teacher in our Beginner classroom and is now the Lead Teacher in our Toddlers classroom. She feels privileged to teach our Ardent Kids-day in and day out! Her favorite part about working for Ardent is that she gets to freely share the love of Jesus Christ every day by joyfully engaging with the students.

Trace Crossings - Colitha Brown

Toddler Lead Teacher

Trace Crossings- Marla Stevenson

Infant Lead Teacher

Marla joined the Ardent Team in 2016 as an Infant Assistant Teacher and has advanced into a lead teaching position. The nurturing care and compassion for each student is evident in her ability to help infants do more than just reach milestones. She doesn’t want to simply see children grow, she wants to help them thrive. Her integrity and excitement for early childhood education provides a fun, engaging atmosphere for our youngest students!
Miss Tiffany Denise Ward has been with Ardent since 2018. She is able to take any increment of the day and turn it into something magical and fun. She has a passion for people and excels in customer service, taking the bar of expectation and raising it to seek excellence in all that she does. She is an influence at Ardent, creating a competitive environment for all to compete in. Her energy is that of a child’s, thus allowing her to keep up at any pace!

Greystone - Tiffany Ward

Beginners Lead Teacher