Q: What steps have you taken to ensure the security and safety of the campus?

A: We place a very high value in the security of our campuses, and every effort is made to ensure that Ardent provides a safe and secure environment for all children and our staff. Every Ardent campus is equipped with high definition cameras located throughout our building as well as at campus entrances and exits. Video from these cameras can be monitored in the front office by campus administration where they can keep a watchful eye on all campus activities. In addition to establishing safety from outsiders this system also creates a level of accountability with teachers.

We use the ProCare Software®, which enables us to securely keep track of all the important information we would need to provide exceptional care.  It also provides for safe and secure drop off and pick up using the biometric fingerprint scanners. Coded keypads are also used to allow secure access to classroom areas of the campus from visitor access areas.

Additionally, we use the Raptor data security system. This system assists our front office personnel by screening every visitor through data received from a submitted drivers’ license.

Q: In what way are you a Christian childcare center?

A: Ardent Preschool and Daycare was founded by Christians, is directed by Christian leaders, and is taught by an all-Christian staff of prayerfully hired teachers. Although we are nondenominational, we hold to a conservative set of beliefs about God and the Bible, His Word. At Ardent, we believe that faith is for all of life. This means that we endeavor to honor God in all of our activities from our studies to the way we handle discipline in our classrooms. Please feel free to see our Statement of Faith that can be found on our website at ccslion.com.

Q: How do you choose your teachers?

A: Prayerfully. Each is interviewed by our director and sometimes by their assistants. They must have a credible Christian testimony and be a member in good standing with their church. Directors consider a candidate’s training and experience, and only hire individuals they believe will add significant value to their program.

Q: What type of training is required for your teachers?

A: Although many of our teachers have degrees, we do not require a degree to be a teacher at Ardent (with the exception of Kindergarten teachers).  ALL of our teachers must successfully complete an initial 40 hours of training with our campus coordinator. Each campus offers the same training process to ensure consistency. During this time we teach them how to successfully manage their classrooms according to our established standards. Teachers are then paired with an experienced lead teacher for further training in the classroom. All teachers must pass an ABI/FBI background clearance as well as participate in continuous training throughout the year.

Q: Do you provide meals and have a meal plan for students?

A: We provide nutritious, hot meals for students twice a day (breakfast and lunch) along with 2 snacks. Our meal plan is charted each month by the campus cook who works collaboratively with a nutrition provider to create a well-rounded menu. The meal plan is available to all students beginning in our Infant 3 class and is included in your child’s weekly tuition.

Q: What type of curriculum do you use?

A: Ardent uses the Abeka program. Abeka is the “premier” Christian textbook publisher serving Christian schools for over 50 years.

 The Abeka program is a proven curriculum for early childhood learning as it provides a strong foundation for producing stellar students in phonetic reading and math skills.