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Why are Parents Trusting this Preschool to Cultivate Character in their Children?

An exciting opportunity awaits your family!

How many times have you had to deal with your child pitching a fit in the checkout line or running away from you instead of going to you? Who really rules the roost at home….you or your child? We all have at some time experienced undesirable behaviors in our children that can leave us with our hands thrown up in the air with despair!

Let’s be honest. Parenting can be the best of times and also the worst of times.  We struggle with drawing boundaries, trying to be loving but also firm.  Too much of one or the other often has the consequences of those undesirable behaviors and yet at the end of the day the only option seems to be knowing how to pick our battles.  After all, we only have so much time and energy, right?

But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if parents had an incredible opportunity to partner with a childcare provider that actually had…as its mission…to pour into children so that those children could (and would) be a joy to be around? Does that seem too good to be true?

Instead of having a child that stresses you out, wouldn’t you rather:

  • Hear from another parent, friend or family member (or maybe even a random stranger) a praiseworthy account of an action or deed that was carried out by your child?
  • See your child do something that perhaps uplifted, assisted or spoke life into someone else?
  • Or maybe witness a circumstance that produced a delightful and unexpected demonstration by your child of thankfulness, kindness, or even empathy?

Some of my proudest moments as a parent are these exact things! When someone takes the time to tell me something complimentary about something a child of mine has said or done in my absence…what a rewarding feeling!  These are the moments that reassure me that even in this crazy world I’m doing something right!

And the truth is…parents, myself included, can often focus on the negative behaviors and completely forget about the positive ones! It’s SO easy to spend more time saying “No!” when children are little and not enough time spent on the SHOW (modeling and conversation). Yet, these are the years that matter the most! In order to cultivate sound character that will lead children into successful teenage and adult years, character undoubtedly must be proactively taught.

Character is often loosely defined as “the qualities that define a person.” So think about that for a moment.  As your child grows up, what qualities (or character) do you want to be evident in their life? I don’t know about you, but I have personally never heard anyone ever say “I want my child to be selfish!” But yet what is selfishness a result of? A lack of good, intentional character training!

Let me ask a pretty straightforward question:

Is it easier to instill good character in a child or an adult?

A favorite quote of mine regarding character building (one that I came across when my kids were really little and it has stuck with me ever since) comes from Frederick Douglass.  Now you may (or may not) know that Frederick Douglass was one of the most influential African-Americans during the late 1800s.  So what words of wisdom can we glean from him?

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

That pretty much seems to answer the question, doesn’t it?

Doesn’t that just resonate with the heart of parenting? I don’t know about you but I don’t want to see my children grow up broken men and women.  I want them to grow up to be strong men and women who contribute to the world and make it a better place.

So how exactly are parents expected to build the strong children that Douglass is referring to? It’s not easy, that’s for sure! It takes time, energy, intention and dedication. You could implement a character building program at home. The only drawback is that on average children spend more time at their daycare or preschool than they do at home. That’s the truth in today’s world. And it’s not one to be ashamed of.

And when considering this fact, for many parents it becomes increasingly important to make sure the time spent away from home is filled with what’s valuable…primarily the building up of their child. (This building up, by the way, should include the cultivating of good character!) Another truth is that these same parents are often forced to compromise on what is valuable to them because there simply aren’t any other options when it comes to daycare and preschool!

If you are wanting to build strong character in your child, like perseverance, self-control, or empathy, but have found yourself in this category of compromise, there is exciting news for you!

Ardent Preschool and Daycare is the leading faith-based (and award winning) daycare and preschool that puts a forgotten focus on character building…specifically for the early years! Here’s how our faith based program can benefit your child (and quite honestly, the entire family):

  • Weekly Character Traits – every week focuses on a specific character trait that is expounded upon throughout the day and week.
  • Scripture Memorization – each character trait is founded in a verse from Scripture that is recited daily and eventually memorized!
  • Biblical Teaching – we have developed our daily Bible curriculum to include the character traits that are being learned.
  • Weekly Character Blog – written for parents to help them easily carry the lessons learned at school…home!
  • Relationships with Peers – through our character training program, children learn practical ways of implementing the learned character traits in their everyday relationships with their peers.
  • Relationships with Parents – the building of character also allows for developing balanced relationships with parents by teaching respectfulness and obedience.
  • Relationship with Christ – Since character traits are based on Scripture (such as the Fruits of the Spirit), this provides daily opportunity for kid-friendly as well as practical application of what “walking in His Way” really looks like day to day.
  • Reinforced in Conflict – our “Wise Discipline” method partners learned character traits with conversation during moments of conflict so that children learn to identify making good choices.

Join the hundreds of other families who have chosen Ardent Preschool and Daycare as their partner in cultivating Godly character in strong kids! Here’s what our parents are saying:

“This is the best decision that my husband and I ever made. Our daughter loves it and is truly developing at a great speed! Her little personality shines more and more each day! The disciplines they teach are great values of life for now and later! Highly recommend!!!” – Maya B.

“I moved to the area a year and a half ago, not knowing a soul. It was stressful trying to find the best place for my daughter to attend while I worked. From day one, I felt this school was the best choice. My daughter has loved every minute she has attended and as a parent I truly appreciate all of the support and hard work the staff here provide.” – Marissa O.

“We love Ardent! Everyone there is precious and my daughter has learned so much. Ardent truly partners with parents to help children grow both academically and spiritually!” – Sarah Beth D.

“I love that there is a focus on biblical character traits. I love that you are reinforcing what we strive to teach at home.” – Ardent Parent

Why not take a tour at one of our schools and experience firsthand how partnering with Ardent may be the best option for your family! Of course, there is no obligation, and certainly no pressure to enroll, but we would love to help you fulfill the desire for cultivating Godly character in your children!



Yours for Building Strong Children,


Tracy LaBreche



This is our family (that’s me with the plaid scarf). One of our parenting goals from early on was to raise up children who were a joy to be around –it hasn’t always been easy but if there’s one extremely valuable piece of advice I can give you…don’t put off character training!


PS – We are currently building a new location in Birmingham (in the Vestavia Hills area)!  The good news is that since this is a brand new school you have the exciting opportunity to be one of the first families enrolled! And believe me, if this location grows as fast as our other ones, it’ll only be a matter of time before this school fills up.  If you are among the first 50 families to pre-enroll, we will have your pre-enrollment fee applied to your child’s first week of tuition.




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