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Kindergarten Preparation

By February 28, 2019 No Comments

Still undecided about where to enroll your child for preschool or kindergarten this upcoming school year?

Here are four important factors to consider when choosing a quality school that focuses on preparing children for a successful transition to elementary school:

  • Hours of Operation – Will you need a program that provides before and/or after school care? Is there an extra cost to that extended care? Have you considered preschools that actually include before and after care in a set rate – peace of mind for no extra expense?
  • Quality Staff – no matter how fancy the building or convenient the location, it is the quality of staff that can make or break the deal. So how do you adequately gauge the quality of staff that will be caring for your child?  Can you confidently walk away from a school knowing every single staff member in the building? Probably not.  However, consider this hard truth…the staff at your child’s preschool or kindergarten will end up spending at least 40 hours a week with your child (if enrolled in full time care) …that’s more than the time most parents have with them during the work week.  So consider carefully, what defines quality? Is the staff focused on preparing children for elementary success?
  • Overall Program – during those 40 hours or more spent at school, even with the best location and quality staff, does the overall program (what’s being done throughout the day) intentionally pour into your child? Is there meaning behind most of what is being done? The truth is, your child is very impressionable and he or she will absorb the values, world view and character taught by their teachers. Is a biblical foundation important to you? Do you want your child to learn science through the eyes of a Creator God? What expectations do you have for your child when it comes to preparing them for elementary school?
  • Results – your child’s preschool and kindergarten provides the perfect opportunity to help them succeed in future education. Do you want your child to excel and achieve their best? Consider the academic expectations before committing to the program. Is there an early reading program?  Is there a love of learning being instilled?

Ardent offers a preschool and kindergarten program. These programs offer full-time, year-round care with hours of operation that fit your work schedule. No need to worry about when or how to transport to before or after care, our service provides everything you need…in one place! We would love to assist your child on a foundational path through the use of an intentional and proven curriculum. Not every Preschool and Kindergarten can boast that the average student in their program leaves reading at a second grade level…but Ardent can!

Interested in exploring the preschool and kindergarten opportunities that Ardent Preschool and Daycare has for your family? We would love for you to come tour at any of our locations, meet our amazing staff and experience the excellence at Ardent!  Simply fill out the form below and make sure to enter the promo code Back2School!