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What does excellence in daycare look like?

By March 1, 2019 No Comments

Many questions come to mind when thinking about childcare for your little one. Cleanliness? Safety? Daily activities? Staff? These questions, and so many more, are very important things to consider when choosing the right place for your family.

Knowing that you expect no less than the best for your child, we at Ardent Preschool and Daycare strive to provide exactly that, excellent care. Excellence that reaches into the very air we breathe. Did you know that we use UV air purification systems in our HVAC units that kills bacteria, mold and viruses? We know that infant and toddler immune systems are not fully developed yet, and providing that level of cleanliness is important to us.

What are our levels of safety?

Door key pads, biometric scanning, background checks on ALL visitors, and high definition cameras are a few ways we provide a high level of safety to our students and families. Your peace of mind while others are caring for your child is everything.

What does a day look like for our students?

Our classrooms and schedules were built specifically with your child’s developmental needs and academic progress in mind. An infant’s brain grows very rapidly! Children have a natural ability to absorb vast amounts of information very quickly. That is why we are intentionally building a foundation of learning that begins in our infant classrooms. Infants are stimulated with sensory development activities, 12 month olds are learning letters, colors, shapes and numbers and preschoolers are learning to read, write and achieve excellence in academics.

But what really makes Ardent an excellent daycare?

Our staff. Christian leaders and educators who are teaching and modeling a love for Christ, a love for others and a love for learning. No foundation will stand unless it is built on God, that’s why a Christian world view is so important. We teach daily Bible stories and character qualities that will equip your child for success in all of life.

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